Women in IT

Diversity ignites innovation. Women have been and still are underrepresented in STEM and IT, so the industry has lacked insights, ideas and contributions from their capable and versatile minds. In the EU overall there are only 17% women in the ICT industry, and in Latvia we have 25%, both currently working in ICT and studying.

When women develop digital skills, they are empowered to become architects of their own future. Furthermore – empowering women is essential for achieving sustainable development in all spheres of life.

To encourage people to look forward to the technology field, it is important to enhance the skills of beginner programmers and encourage a sense of companionship among women. This will allow smoother entry into the IT field.

With new IT skills, women will be able to either develop their current careers or start a brand new career in the IT industry. As an example, a lawyer with coding skills will have better opportunities than one without.

The training offer

Riga TechGirls, in close cooperation with Accenture Latvia, is offering basic technology training for women in SAP, JAVA, Scala, JavaScript, LowCode.

We are happy to support the most motivated women to develop new forward-looking professional skills with no study fee.


SAP is the industry benchmark and the backbone of any modern ran business. Today SAP is much more than just an ERP system that it was 47 years ago. SAP software products provide powerful instruments for helping companies to manage their financials, logistics, human resources, and other business areas.

Estimation goes that roughly 77% of all global transactions go through SAP software, and it’s used by more than 404 000 businesses worldwide. It’s safe to say that more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies use SAP.

When thinking of SAP and the solutions it provides, you will shortly see how vast the world of SAP is.

SAP is an everchanging technology, never stopping to evolve into something more along with the businesses out there, adapting their needs to the digital era and setting new standards of how businesses must be run.

By applying to this program you can pave your way to IT by being a programmer or industry expert, or both, possibilities provided by SAP are endless!


Training days: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 18:30-21:30

Training period: 29.06.-28.08.

> Why JAVA?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages; it is object-orientated and produces software for multiple platforms.
It enables programmers to write computer instructions using English-based commands instead of having to write in numeric codes.
With basic knowledge in Java, you can develop a career in many different fields: you can continue your education as a Web, Application or Software developer, DevOps specialist, Tester and more.
Java is used very widely – from computer games like RuneScape, operating system Android and email client Gmail, to scientific applications like NASA Wind Spacecraft.

Java (2 groups) Training days: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 18:30-21:30

Java (June 2 groups) Training period: 01.06.-29.07.


Java (July) Training days: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 18:30-21:30

Java (July) Training period: 06.07.-04.09.


Java (Ventspils) Training days: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 18:30-21:30

Java (Ventspils) Training period: 20.07.-18.09.


Java (August) Training days: Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 18:30-21:30

Java (August) Training period: 03.08.-01.10.



Low-code is a software development approach that allows the delivery of applications to be executed faster and with minimal hand-coding. Rather than writing thousands of lines of complex code and syntax, low-code platforms allow users to build complete applications with modern user interfaces, integrations, data and logic quickly and visually. LowCode is the easiest way to build Digital solutions.

Gartner predicts that “By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.”

The technology introduces the world to a Citizen Developer – a non-professional developer that can quickly build applications for others to use. If you can imagine yourself changing the world app by app, this might be the program for you!


LowCode Training days: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 18:30-21:30

LowCode Training period: 20.07.-18.09.


> Why SCALA?

Scala is a programming language similar to Java, but within it, the same logic can usually be expressed with a significantly smaller number of lines.

Scala supports both an object-orientated and functional approach. Currently Scala is becoming the key language in the development of functional products in working with big data, as it requires stability, flexibility, high speed and scalability.

The prospective career of a Scala programmer includes work on the collection, storage, processing, and analysis of huge sets of data; performing machine learning on a large scale; creating and managing the company’s Big Data infrastructure and tools.

To apply for this program, interest in working with big data is needed.


Scala Training days: Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 18:30-21:30

Scala Training period: 03.08.-01.10.


In Front End development we concentrate on all web orientated solutions based on the web base trio – HTML, CSS and JavaScript, with the main focus being on JavaScript engineering. JavaScript has been one of the Top 3 most demanded programming languages and skills for a long time and there is still no slowdown in sight. JavaScript is the language of the web and we use the web daily – websites, portals, web applications.

It is everywhere – from rich visual experiences on websites and complex web applications to powering high load middleware and backend applications written in NodeJS, to popular desktop applications written in electron – Slack, MS Teams, VS Code.

You will be working on creating User Interface (UI) for websites, creating complex web applications, integrating them with backend solutions and creating backend services for a serverless cloud stack.

The main requirement is to have a spark in your eyes and a passion for making the world a better place today than it was yesterday. Passion for being a problem solver, taking challenges apart and putting them back in the form of a solution, using the tools at your disposal correctly!


JavaScript Training days: Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 18:30-21:30

JavaScript Training period: 03.08.-01.10.

Do I qualify?

Women of any age, with little or no existing technology knowledge, but an interest in technologies, who are motivated to learn coding and other new things are welcome to apply!

Training will be held in the evenings, so it will also be suitable for those with a job or studying.

If you are a Riga TechGirls community member, joining the tech industry has already probably flashed up on your agenda – this would be the perfect chance for you!


  • Motivation to learn coding
  • Analytical skills
  • Intermediate or higher level of English



  1. Apply
  2. Social and Analytical skills online test
  3. English online test & interview
  4. Announcement of participation
  5. Training,
    3 days a week






JAVA (June) 01.06. - 29.07.
SAP Developer 29.06. - 28.08.
JAVA (July) 06.07. - 04.09.
JAVA (Ventspils) 20.07. - 18.09.
Low Code 20.07. - 18.09.
Scala 03.08. - 01.10.
JavaScript 03.08. - 01.10.
JAVA (August) 03.08. - 01.10.


Registration is over for now, but stay tuned to the news by following Accenture and Riga Tech Girls on Facebook!

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