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Diversity ignites innovation. When women develop digital skills, they are empowered to become architects of their own future. Furthermore – empowering women is essential for achieving sustainable development in all spheres of life. There is no reason why one should think women are not made to be great at STEM subjects. From a young age the society encourages girls to pay more attention to social skills and empathy while boys are given a leg up to engage in activities that helps the development of their technical skills. Because of this, women are later underrepresented both in studying and working in the ICT. To encourage people to look towards the technology field, it is important to enhance the skills of beginner programmers and encourage a sense of companionship among women. With IT skills, women will be able to either develop their current careers or start a brand-new career in the IT industry. As an example, an economist or a physics professional with coding skills will have better opportunities than one without.

Career path in IT

Information technology, like medicine or engineering, is one of those knowledge-intensive industries that requires extensive learning and insights in order to excell. This means that career path in IT will be a continuous journey, especially for those who are new to the field. If after a successful She Goes Tech course, you would like to continue your IT education, one of the paths you can take will be provided by Accenture Baltics:
  1. Bootcamp – the most extensive free IT training in Latvia and Lithuania, provided by Accenture.
  2. Internship – after successfully completing Bootcamp, we will offer you a four-to-six-month internship. You can choose hands-on project practice of 40 hours per week or 30 hours per week. After the internship, approximately 80% of candidates are offered a permanent employment contract with Accenture Baltics.
  3. Ongoing learning at Accenture is a continuous journey. All new joiners without an academic IT education will enroll in an accelerated development plan including a course at the university that will continue up to two years. This program is designed to ensure your growth and development in your career at Accenture.

The training offer

Riga TechGirls (LV) and Women Go Tech (LT), in close cooperation with Accenture Baltics, is offering basic technology training in Microsoft .NET, JAVA, Big Data, JavaScript, SAP and DevOps, Low Code for women with STEM, engineering, business, law, social science or medical educational background. We are happy to support the most motivated women to develop new forward-looking professional skills with no study fee.

> Why JAVA?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages; it is object-orientated and produces software for multiple platforms.
It enables programmers to write computer instructions using English-based commands instead of having to write in numeric codes.
With basic knowledge in Java, you can develop a career in many different fields: you can continue your education as a Web, Application or Software developer, DevOps specialist, Tester and more.
Java is used very widely – from computer games like RuneScape, operating system Android and email client Gmail, to scientific applications like NASA Wind Spacecraft.



For JAVA groups training planned every Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 18:30-21:30 during set training period.

However, schedule might change! Schedule will be posted later. 


> Why MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGIES AND .NET? is among the most popular technologies for building websites and applications. It is open-sourced, so easily available to start development of the product at any time. The demand for is never-ending. The technology is used in a lot of government organizations like the Pentagon, also games like Titanfall and social networks like Odnoklasniki. Game engine Unity is built on .NET and is a backbone of many modern games like Hearthstone and Cities: Skylines. The promise Knowledge in .NET provides exciting job opportunities and career growth in a field that is always in the process of progress. On the foundations of, you can build your future in many different directions – as a Web, Application or Software developer, Tester, DevOps specialist and more. As every single company is using some kind of an IT service (web pages, mobile apps, product management systems), the possibilities are truly – endless.



Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 18:30-21:30 during set training period.

Planned training period: Feb 20 – May 16, 2023


Are you looking for a change? Begin with DevOps, and you will never be bored again.

Adopting DevOps philosophy requires a new mindset and new tools, but don’t worry about not having these. After completing the training, you will be equipped with the needful knowledge and hands-on experience to progress in your career. It is still technical profession but DevOps is easier then programming from ‘coding’ perspective

Join a striving community of developers, testers, and analysts working together as one team to innovate faster and build the next Netflix. We keep essential, revenue-critical systems up and running despite hurricanes and bandwidth outages using the best automation practices. And all of this while utilizing the most modern Cloud technologies.



Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 18:30-21:30 during set training period.

Planned training period: Feb 6 – April 27, 2023


Python is a high level programming language used in data and its compatibility with a greater array of other languages means that it is simply more convenient in most cases. One of the most common uses for Python is in its ability to create and manage data structures quickly. Python’s performance capability is much higher than other popular languages. The next step after learning Python will be to learn SQL, Big data tools like Spark, Cloud platforms etc. The prospective career of a Python programmer and Big data engineer includes work on the collection, storage, processing, and analysis of huge sets of data; performing machine learning on a large scale; creating and managing the company’s Big Data infrastructure and tools. To apply for this program, interest in working with big data is needed.



Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 18:30:21:30.

Planned training period: Feb 20 – May 17, 2023


In Front End development we concentrate on all web orientated solutions based on the web base trio – HTML, CSS and JavaScript, with the main focus being on JavaScript engineering. JavaScript has been one of the Top 3 most demanded programming languages and skills for a long time and there is still no slowdown in sight. JavaScript is the language of the web and we use the web daily – websites, portals, web applications.
It is everywhere – from rich visual experiences on websites and complex web applications to powering high load middleware and backend applications written in NodeJS, to popular desktop applications written in electron – Slack, MS Teams, VS Code.
You will be working on creating User Interface (UI) for websites, creating complex web applications, integrating them with backend solutions and creating backend services for a serverless cloud stack.
The main requirement is to have a spark in your eyes and a passion for making the world a better place today than it was yesterday. Passion for being a problem solver, taking challenges apart and putting them back in the form of a solution, using the tools at your disposal correctly!



Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 18:30-21:30.

Planned training period: Feb 6 – April 27, 2023


When in doubt about which IT training path is the most suitable for you, try this!

Do I qualify?

Women with basic technology knowledge and higher education, interested in technologies, who are motivated to learn coding and other new things are welcome to apply! A strong motivation is the most important skill you should possess. Training will be held in the evenings for approximately 3 months, so it will also be suitable for those studying or working. If you are a member of Riga TechGirls or Women Go Tech communities, joining the tech industry has already probably flashed up on your agenda – this would be the perfect chance for you!


  • You should be 18+ years old
  • Completed higher education, preferably in STEM, Economics, Finance, Business and similar field
  • Motivation to learn coding
  • Analytical skills
  • Intermediate or higher level of English
  • Prior knowledge in selected area will be considered as an advantage 



  1. Apply
  2. English and analytical skills online tests & interview
  3. Announcement of participation
  4. Training,
    3 days a week
Application deadline
JAVA (February)
Java (March)
Python and big data analytics
Microsoft technologies and .NET
30.01. 24.04.
06.02. 27.04.
27.02. 26.05.
20.02. 16.05.
20.02. 16.05.
06.02. 27.04.



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