Women in IT

Diversity ignites innovation. Women have been and still are underrepresented in STEM and IT, so the industry has lacked insights, ideas and contributions from their capable and versatile minds. In the EU overall there are only 17% women in the ICT industry, and in Latvia we have 25%, both currently working in ICT and studying.

When women develop digital skills, they are empowered to become architects of their own future. Furthermore – empowering women is essential for achieving sustainable development in all spheres of life.

To encourage people to look forward to the technology field, it is important to enhance the skills of beginner programmers and encourage a sense of companionship among women. This will allow smoother entry into the IT field.

With new IT skills, women will be able to either develop their current careers or start a brand new career in the IT industry. As an example, a lawyer with coding skills will have better opportunities than one without.

The training offer

Riga TechGirls, in close cooperation with Accenture Latvia, is offering basic technology training for women in Microsoft.NET.

We are happy to support the most motivated women to develop new forward-looking professional skills with no study fee.

Why .NET ?

Microsoft.NET is among the most popular technologies for building websites and applications. It is open-sourced, so easily available to start development of the product at any time.

The demand for Microsoft.net is never-ending. The technology is used in a lot of government organizations like the Pentagon, also games like Titanfall and social networks like Odnoklasniki. Game engine Unity is built on .NET and is a backbone of many modern games like Hearthstone and Cities: Skylines.

Knowledge in .NET provides exciting job opportunities and career growth in a field that is always in the process of progress. On the foundations of Microsolf.net, you can build your future in many different directions – as a Web, Application or Software developer, Tester, DevOps specialist and more. As every single company is using some kind of IT service (web pages, mobile apps, product management systems), the possibilities are truly – endless.

Apply until 3 Feb.

Microsoft.NET 17.02.-09.04.
Mon, Tue, Thu – 18:00-21:00, Sat – 10:00-15:00


Java is one of the most popular programming languages; it is object-orientated and produces software for multiple platforms.
It enables programmers to write computer instructions using English-based commands instead of having to write in numeric codes.
With basic knowledge in Java, you can develop a career in many different fields: you can continue your education as a Web, Application or Software developer, DevOps specialist, Tester and more.
Java is used very widely – from computer games like RuneScape, operating system Android and email client Gmail, to scientific applications like NASA Wind Spacecraft.

Apply until 17 Feb.

Java 02.03.-25.04.
Mon,  Wed – 18:30-21:30, Sat – 10:00-15:00

Do I qualify?

Women of any age, with little or no existing technology knowledge, but an interest in technologies, who are motivated to learn coding and other new things are welcome to apply!

Training will be held in the evenings, so it will also be suitable for those with a job or studying.

If you are a Riga TechGirls community member, joining the tech industry has already probably flashed up on your agenda – this would be the perfect chance for you!


  • Motivation to learn coding
  • Analytical skills
  • Intermediate or higher level of English



  1. Apply
  2. Social and Analytical skills online test
  3. English onsite test & interview
  4. Announcement of participation
  5. Training,
    4 days a week




Microsoft.NET 17.02. - 09.04.
JAVA 02.03. - 24.04.


Registration is over for now, but stay tuned to the news by following Accenture and Riga Tech Girls on Facebook!

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